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Order success for Ljunghäll

2017-01-31 14:28:54

”This order is a major success for us”, explains Hans Linnér, MD for Ljunghäll.


It involves production of components for the third generation of Volvo Car’s popular four cylinder VEA engine. Ljunghäll also supply the current generation of parts for this engine.

”There has been a great deal of competition for this business and many other suppliers were interested”, continues Hans Linnér. ”Our competitiveness lies partly in our ability to create effective production solutions. Above all, I want to highlight the skill of our employees, who through their competence and diligence have used the production apparatus in an optimal manner. This results in efficient manufacturing. Making us highly effective, allowing us to match tough price competition and enabling us to successfully compete for Volvo Car’s business.”


”For many years we have had a successful relationship with Volvo Cars and they are well aware of our quality and delivery capability. This order guarantees continued development and also brings with it a number of interesting investments”, rounds off Hans Linnér.


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New machining hall at Ljunghall s.r.o

2016-04-29 15:33:14

Ljunghall s.r.o. in Czech Republic opened a new machining hall with 3000m2, 19th of April 2016. This new hall will be responsible not only for machining, but also for assembling of new received business, and will strongly support potential business in central Europe.



Mr. Gnutti together with Mr. Sladkovsky cutting the ribbon.

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Highly prestigious award to Ljunghäll

2016-02-10 12:54:42

Ljunghäll has received a highly prestigious award from Volvo Cars for their high level of quality – Volvo Cars Award of Excellence 2015. Ljunghäll received the prize in regard to an aluminium casting, for the new 4 cylinder engine, with extremely tough requirements and a very complex manufacturing process.


Ljunghäll has been involved in the development of the product together with Volvo Cars development department. Since 2013, Ljunghäll has delivered approximately half a million units of this part.


“It is very gratifying to receive this award from Volvo Cars. Only their very best suppliers are invited to partake in the nomination process and we are very proud to have been selected. To, then, have won the prize in the face of stiff competition is fantastic and proof of the high level of competence amongst Ljunghäll employees”, says Hans Linnér, managing director at Ljunghäll.


The aluminium product in question has extremely high requirements in terms of leakage, low levels of porosity and includes the casting in of iron components, requiring high levels of competence in the casting process.


“We have a unique casting process for this operation. This competence has allowed us to work with Volvo Cars development department from the start, in 2009, optimising the part for our process and that in turn leading to optimised quality for production”, according to Hans Linnér.


One of the main reasons that Ljunghäll won the prize against such hard competition was the ability to deliver large volumes of fault-free parts. The prize was awarded on January 28th.



Hans Linnér, CEO; Tomas Karlsson, Quality and Environmental Manager; and Matteo Colombini from the owner Gnutti Carlo, receives Volvo Cars Award of Excellence in the category of quality.


Volvo Cars Award of Excellence was founded in 1998 in recognition of extraordinary supplier achievements, which have contributed to Volvo’s own success. A large number of suppliers are nominated to Volvo Cars Award of Excellence, where the finalists are awarded prizes in categories such as quality, cost competition, technology, environmental responsibility, social responsibility and special recognition.


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2016-01-29 10:50:56

On 12th and 14th January 2016 was in Nuremberg held a traditional trade fair EUROGUSS 2016 for foundry and suppliers of foundry technologies. It is the largest trade fair for the foundry industry in Europe. At this biennial fair we can encounter new innovative solutions in the field of aluminium die casting, magnesium, as well as other alloys. We can also find many major suppliers of key technologies such as casting machines, melting equipment, as well as the base material thus alloys. Finally, there were mainly manufacturers of castings which included our company and our competitors.

Ljunghall Group has traditionally participated in this important fair. There wasn’t any change this year, but it was the first time when we have been introduced as the Gnutti Carlo Group, which was also represented by a presentation of our products.

Our exhibition stand was very highly rated by our customers as well as by our colleagues. We have seen the success mainly in the interest of our stand, as we were visited by many more customers compared to last trade fair. A great pleasure for us was that we were visited by all our VIP customers such as Daimler, ZF, Audi, BMW, Volvo, MAN, CommScope, but also by many new potential customers such as GKN, Porsche, MAGNA, Renault, Valeo, and many others. There was very positive atmosphere, which persuaded us about the chance to build our future cooperation with newly gained contacts.

I must thank to all my colleagues who were preparing the participation in this successful fair.

/Martin Brebis


Ljunghäll Team – Martin Vopařil, Jonas Lindblad, Frank Ungerbuehler, Patrick Thuresson, Mattias Olsson, Hans Brantemo, Martin Brebis, Radek Semerád


Stand occupied by customers

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Ljunghäll at EuroGuss 2016

2016-01-15 07:57:41

Our marketing departments from Ljunghäll Gnutti Carlo, Sweden and the Czech Republic, were represented at the international Trade Fair for Die Casting in Nuremberg, Germany. There have been many visitors to our stand and the response has been very good!



From left: Martin Voparil (Key Account Manager, LJCZ), Jonas Lindblad (Key Account Manager, LJSE), Frank Ungerbuehler (Area Manager, Germany), Patrick Thuresson (Key Account Manager, LJSE), Mattias Olsson (Business Manager, LJSE), Hans Brantemo (Product Manager Structural Parts, LJSE), Martin Brebis (Director Marketing & Sales, LJSE), Radek Semerad (Business Manager, LJCZ). Missing in the photo: Bohumil Stifter (Key Account Manager, LJCZ).


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Ljunghäll Group AB and Nokia Networks in cooperation!

2015-12-15 11:56:52

Ljunghäll Group, a world leader in HPDC (High Pressure Die Casting) of metal alloys for the Automotive and Telecom industry has been nominated as a supplier in Nokia Networks supply chain. Nokia Networks, a global leader in ICT solutions have decided to establish a more and intensive relationship with Ljunghäll Group for their production of parts in HPDC, aluminum.


This, again, indicates that Ljunghäll Group has a competence, experience and development potential to fulfill customer’s demand and requirements. We are continuously working on improvements and solutions to be at the forefront and offer our customers cost effective solutions for their unique products, says Patrick Thuresson, Global KAM Telecom. Ljunghäll Group, together with Nokia Networks, looks forward to the new challenges starting 2016.


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Ljunghäll Group AB at EUROGUSS 2016

2015-12-08 06:54:54

motorLjunghäll Group AB



Nuremberg, 12th -14th of January



The international casting community and Ljunghäll Group will be present at EUROGUSS 2016, which is the technical and process highlight of the year for casting. This trade fair is a must for everyone who’s excited to experience the future of the die casting industry today.


At Ljunghäll Group stand we will expose examples of our competence within High Pressure Die Casting parts in aluminum for Engines, Transmissions and Structure parts for Heavy Vehicles and Passenger Cars as well as parts for Telecom.


We will also show our high-quality solutions and performance which help you to increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility. We want you to challenge us on the parts where others fail, where with our professional skills, extensive experience and dedicated people will find a solution for you. Consult with our experts during the EUROGUSS 2016 to discuss your present and future challenges.


It would therefore be a pleasure to warmly welcome you in our stand 248 in Halle 6 at EUROGUSS 2016 in Nurnberg the 12th -14th of January 2016.


Kind Regards,

Hans Linnér


Ljunghäll Group AB


EuroGuss2 EuroGuss4EuroGuss1

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News in Ljunghall s.r.o. Czech Republic

2015-12-02 14:46:01

Open Day at Ljunghall s.r.o. Czech Republic

On 17th October 2015 an Open Day took place in the Ljunghall CZ in Čáslav. This day the company opened its doors to the public in order to show its modern facilities and technology. The whole day was absolutely positive and pleasant. Visitors were shocked by cleanness of the production areas, a level of modern technology , work environment and employees.

We were absolutely surprised by interest from the public. We managed to guide more than 600 visitors through the plant during five hours. We believe that some visitors of our Open Day will become our future employees.


Den otevřených dveří v Ljunghall s.r.o. Česká Republika

Dne 17.10.2015 se konal v prostorách Ljunghall s.r.o. Čáslav den otevřených dveří. Tento den otevřela společnost své brány pro širokou veřejnost s cílem ukázat své moderní prostory a technologie. Celý den se nesl v naprosto pozitivním duchu. Návštěvníci byli šokování čistotou výrobních prostor, úrovní moderní technologie a přístupem k pracovnímu prostředí a zaměstnancům.

Zájem ze strany veřejnosti nás naprosto překvapil. V průběhu 5 hodin jsme povedli závodem více jak 600 návštěvníků. Věříme, že se někteří návštěvníci našeho dne otevřených dveří stanou v budoucnu našimi zaměstnanci.

CZ_News_1CZ_News_2 CZ_News_3


Building a new machining hall M10 in Ljunghall s.r.o. Czech Republic

During 2015, we began construction of a new machining hall M10, which will expand our production capacity by 3,000 m2. In October 2015 were installed reinforced concrete components and the walls were bricked, and then the roof assembly took place. We believe that the weather will be pleasant during the winter, and we will be able to complete the hall within 1st – 2nd quarter in 2016.

The hall will once again meet the demanding requirements of a modern hall designed for machining. The aim will be again low energy consumption, flexible space for installation of technology, and maintain cleanliness during subsequent production. The hall will also include facilities for employees and technical staff and at last but not least, the storage overhead material and the central incoming goods.

Výstavby nové haly obrobny M10 v Ljunghall s.r.o. Česká Republika

V průběhu roku 2015 jsme zahájili výstavbu nové haly obrobny M10, která rozšíří naše výrobní kapacity o 3000m2. V průběhu října 2015 se instalovaly železobetonové prvky a zdily stěny, následně probíhala montáž střechy. Věříme, že počasí v průběhu zimy bude příjemné, a budeme tak moci halu dokončit v průběhu 1-2 kvartálu 2016.

Hala bude splňovat opět nejnáročnější požadavky na moderní halu určenou pro obrábění. Cílem bude opět nízké energetická náročnost, flexibilní prostor pro instalace technologií, a udržení čistoty v průběhu následné výroby. Hala bude také obsahovat zázemí pro zaměstnance a technický personál. V neposlední řadě i sklad režijního materiálu a centrální příjem zboží.



Change of the Director of Ljunghall CZ Ltd position .

From 1st October 2015 there was a change in the position of Director and Company Executive of Ljunghall s.r.o.. Mr. Martin Brebis, who was hitherto the director of Ljunghall s.r.o. in the Czech Republic, became the director of sales and marketing of Ljunghall Group. Martin has the experience in business and looks forward to the challenge of work within the globally expanding Ljunghall with its current and new customers of three plants in Södra Vi, Čáslav and Wuxi. Mattias Olsson has been appointed as Business Manager in Ljunghall in Södra Vi, and he will be responsible for customers and business affairs of the plants in Södra Vi. Mattias Olsson will be responsible directly to Martin Brebis. The same structure exists in Ljunghall s.r.o. in Čáslav with Radek Semerád as Business Manager. The implementation of marketing and sales organization in the China plant is currently underway.

Změna na pozici ředitele společnosti Ljunghall s.r.o. Česká Republika

Od 1.10.2015 dochází ke změně na pozici ředitele a jednatele společnosti Ljunghall s.r.o.. Pan Martin Brebis, který byl dosavadním ředitelem Ljunghall s.r.o. v České Republice se stává ředitelem obchodu a marketingu Ljunghall Group. Martin má zkušenosti z obchodu a těší se na výzvu práce v rámci globálně se rozšiřujícího Ljunghallu s jeho současnými a novými zákazníky tří závodů v Södra Vi, Čáslavi a Wuxi. Mattias Olsson byl jmenovaný jako Business Manager v Ljunghäll v Södra Vi, a bude zodpovědný za zákazníky a obchodní záležitosti závodů v Södra Vi. Mattias Olsson se zodpovídá přímo Martinu Brebisovi. Ta samá struktura existuje i v Ljunghall s.r.o. v Čáslavi s Radkem Semerádem jako Business Managerem. Zavádění organizace marketingu a obchodu v Čínském závodě právě probíhá.

Martin Brebis


Since 1st October 2015 became the new Director and Executive of Ljunghall s.r.o. Mr. Martin Sladkovský, who was our longstanding Production Manager in Ljunghall s.r.o.. Martin has the experience in project management, customer contact, and at last but not least, he has a lot of experience from production management. He will now broaden all the mentioned experience and achieved results for managing of the whole plant. We wish you good luck and success!

Novým ředitelem a jednatele Ljunghall s.r.o. se stává od 1.10.2015 pan Martin Sladkovský, který byl naším dlouholetým Managerem výroby v Ljunghall s.r.o.. Martin má zkušenosti z vedení projektů, kontaktu se zákazníkem, a v neposlední řadě hlavně z vedení výroby. Tyto své zkušenosti a dosažené výsledky nyní rozšíří o vedení celého výrobního závodu. Přejeme mnoho štěstí a úspěchů!


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New Marketing and sales director at Ljunghäll Group

2015-11-06 09:45:38

November 3rd 2015

Martin BrebisOur marketing and sales director Bengt Markbo has decided to leave the company for a new challenge. His replacement is Martin Brebis, who was previously managing director for Ljunghall s.r.o. in the Czech Republic.

Martin has past experience within sales and marketing and is looking forward to the challenge of working globally with Ljunghäll’s continued expansion with existing and new customers for the companies three facilities in Södra Vi, Caslav and Wuxi.

Mattias Olsson has been appointed Business Manager at Ljunghäll in Södra Vi and he will be responsible for customers and business associated with the facility in Södra Vi. Mattias Olsson reports directly to Martin Brebis. The same structure exists for Ljunghall s.r.o. in Čáslav with Radek Semerad as Business Manager. The establishment of a marketing and sales organization in China is currently in hand.




Ny marketing-and sales director på Ljunghäll Group

3 November 2015

Martin BrebisVår marketing-and sales director Bengt Markbo har bestämt sig för att gå vidare till nya utmaningar. Hans ersättare blir Martin Brebis som tidigare varit VD för Ljunghall s.r.o i Tjeckien.

Martin som har ett förflutet inom marknad och försäljning och ser fram emot utmaningen att få jobba globalt med Ljunghälls fortsatta expansion med befintliga och nya kunder för bolagets tre fabriker, i Södra Vi, Cazlav och Wuxi.

På Ljunghäll i Södra Vi tillsätts Mattias Olsson som Business Manager med ansvar för kunder och affärer kopplade till enheten i Södra Vi. Mattias Olsson rapporterar till Martin Brebis. Samma struktur upprättas för Ljunghall s.r.o i Čáslav med Radek Semerad som business Manager. Uppbyggnad av marknad och försäljningsorganisation i Kina pågår.




Nový marketing and sales director v Ljunghäll Group

3 listopadu 2015

Martin BrebisNáš marketing and sales director pan Bengt Markbo se rozhodl opustit společnost z důvodů nové výzvy. Jeho nahradí pan Martin Brebis, který byl předtím ředitelem Ljunghall s.r.o. v České Republice.

Martin má zkušenosti z obchodu a těší se na výzvu práce v rámci globálně se rozšiřujícího Ljunghallu s jeho současnými a novými zákazníky tří závodů v Södra Vi, Čáslavi a Wuxi.

Mattias Olsson byl jmenovaný jako Business Manager v Ljunghäll v Södra Vi, a bude zodpovědný za zákazníky a obchodní záležitosti závodů v Södra Vi. Mattias Olsson se zodpovídá přímo Martinu Brebisovi. Ta samá struktura existuje i v Ljunghall s.r.o. v Čáslavi s Radkem Semerádem jako Business Managerem. Zavádění organizace marketingu a obchodu v Čínském závodě právě probíhá.

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CapMan exits Ljunghäll - a leading European provider of complex automotive and telecom aluminium components

2014-12-17 11:11:14

2014-12-16 Funds managed by CapMan have sold Ljunhäll Group AB (“Ljunghäll”), a leading European provider of complex automotive and telecom aluminium components to Gnutti Carlo, a leading global supplier of valvetrain components and fuel injection systems to the heavy-duty automotive industry. Funds managed by CapMan invested in Ljunghäll in 2003. Today the company is a leading European manufacturer of technically advanced aluminium die-cast products. The company’s production facilities are located in Södra Vi in Sweden and Caslav in Czech Republic, and its main customers include Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, Scania, Daimler and Ericsson. Ljunghäll’s turnover is approx. EUR 120 million and it employs around 800 people. Funds managed by CapMan owned approx. 68% of Ljunghäll’s shares before the transaction. “We are very pleased with the development of Ljunghäll over these past few years. Despite the challenges in the automotive industry after the financial crisis, the company has now completed its turn-around and the outlook is strong. For Ljunghäll’s future development, it is important to have manufacturing presence in Asia. We believe that with a new owner with global presence, the company will continue to develop favourably,” comments Markus Sjöholm, Senior Partner and Head of CapMan Buyout. “CapMan as an owner has pursued an agenda based on development and improvement of the company’s business processes. Ljunghäll is currently developing in a very positive direction and we are very pleased that we will be able to accelerate our efforts together with the new owner who has a long term commitment to the automotive

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industry in Europe as well as globally,” comments Hans Linnér, CEO of Ljunghäll. For more information, please contact: Markus Sjöholm, Senior Partner, Head of CapMan Buyout, tel. +358 40 508 0121     SWE CAPMAN AVYTTRAR LJUNGHÄLL – EN LEDANDE EUROPEISK TILLVERKARE AV KOMPLEXA ALUMINIUMKOMPONENETER TILL FORDONS- OCH TELEKOMINDUSTRIN 2014-12-16 Fonder förvaltade av CapMan har sålt Ljunghäll Group AB (“Ljunghäll”) en ledande europeisk tillverkare av komplexa aluminiumkomponenter till fordons- och telekomindustrin till Gnutti Carlo, en ledande global leverantör av ventilmekanismkomponenter till den tunga fordonsindustrin. Fonder förvaltade av CapMan förvärvade Ljunghäll 2003. Idag är Ljunghäll en ledande europeisk leverantör av komplexa pressgjutna aluminiumkomponenter. Ljunghäll, med produktion i Södra Vi i Sverige och Caslav i Tjeckien, omsätter ca 1,1 miljard kronor och har ca 800 anställda. Bland de största kunderna återfinns bl.a. Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, Scania, Daimler och Ericsson. Ägarandelen för fonder förvaltade av CapMan uppgick till ca 68% före transaktionen. “Vi är mycket nöjda med hur Ljunghäll har utvecklats under de senaste åren. Trots de stora utmaningar som fordonsindustrin ställts inför sedan finanskrisen har bolaget genomgått en omvandling och har nu en mycket stark position och lovande framtid. Att ha egen tillverkning i Asien kommer vara centralt för Ljunghälls utveckling framöver. Vi är övertygade om att den nya ägaren, med sin globala verksamhet, kommer att kunna bidra till att utöka Ljunghälls geografiska närvaro och att bolaget därmed kommer fortsätta utvecklas mycket positivt, ” kommenterar Markus Sjöholm, Senior Partner och Head of CapMan Buyout. “CapMan har som ägare drivit en agenda baserad på en kontinuerlig utveckling och förbättring av bolagets processer. Ljunghäll utvecklas nu mycket väl och vi är glada över att vi nu kommer kunna accelerera våra ansträngningar tillsammans med vår nya ägare, som är ett långsiktigt engagemang gentemot fordonsindustrin, både i Europa och globalt,” kommenterar Hans Linnér, VD för Ljunghäll. För ytterligare information, var vänlig kontakta Markus Sjöholm, Senior Partner, Head of CapMan Buyout, tel +358 40 508 0121

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New production line for mediumsized die castings

2014-02-27 09:35:02

Ljunghäll AB invests 16 MSEK in a new 1650 ton High Pressure Die Casting machine and related

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equippment. It is a fully automatic production line and increases production capacity for parts up to 15 kg. The investment made to fullfill an increased need of engine components for cars.

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30 miljoner i ny produktionslinje (SWE)

2014-02-10 15:52:11

Ljunghäll AB satsar 30 miljoner kronor i en ny 2700 tons gjutmaskin med tillhörande kringutrustning. Det är en helautomatisk produktionslinje för gjutämnen som innebär förstärkning av produktionskapaciteten

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för detaljer upp mot 40 kg. Investeringen görs för att tillgodose en ökad volym på den tyska marknaden.

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