Ron Jonsson


Ron builds the work environment around the machines

Shortly after graduating from the industrial program at Vimmerby High School, Ron Jonsson got a job as a repairman at Ljunghäll. Today he helps to build all the new machines at the factory.

As a student in Vimmerby’s industrial program, Ron learned welding, turning, and milling. He puts his knowledge of these metalworking techniques to good use in his work as a service technician – a job that not only involves mending and repairing machines, but also constructing new work environments.

“We build all the peripheral equipment for the new machines, such as support posts and railings. We do a lot of customized welding construction. Just today we hooked up cutting fluid tubs, which collect waste from the machines. We’ve also welded together a gangway that runs over some of the rail systems around the machines,” says Ron.

He likes that his job is multifaceted, and that it grants him considerable independence.

“We’re given a lot of responsibility. As long as things get done, we’re given free rein. There’s a lot going on at the company, so you have to constantly learn new things.”

What makes a good repairman?

– “You have to enjoy working, and be a bit creative and resourceful. We have to solve a lot of issues ourselves. Being a repairman is hard and dirty work, but it’s a good job with a lot of variation.”


A high school education in industrial engineering or electricity and energy is a good background for those who want to get a job as a repairman. Many adult education centers offer equivalent training for adults. 

Ron Jonsson

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