Aron Sabuding

Maintenance technician

When a machine stops working, he saves the day

Maintenance technician Aron Sabuding steps in when the robots fail to work properly or when a component in the production line has broken down. It’s a challenging job that requires an ability to think “outside the box.”

Aron used to put out literal fires in his job as a part-time fireman in Ankarsrum. At Ljunghäll, the fires and accidents he used to fight have been replaced by mechanical failures and other problems that require urgent attention.

“My responsibility is to keep the machines moving. If a machine stops working, they give us a call and hopefully we can quickly resolve the problem,” says Aron Sabuding.

Which is the most common problem?

“Robot problems. That they lose the signal, or crash.”

Aron Sabuding started working as an operator on the production team, but soon transitioned into his current job as a maintenance technician (or “fixer,” as most of the folks at the factory say). Much of what he does Aron learned on his own, or from colleagues at the factory. However, he has also attended some internal training courses.

“The more you learn, the more you realize what you don’t know. . .Certain things only happen once, so you have to be able to think outside the box.”

Why should someone pursue a career as a maintenance technician?

“If you love to tinker and fiddle with things, then I definitely think you’d enjoy working as a maintenance technician. I''ve only been a fixer for a year, but I hope to continue to develop within the profession.”

What do you like about working at Ljunghäll?

– “Ljunghäll is a great place to work, you feel very safe here and since it’s such a large company, you have excellent opportunities to develop professionally. And I have great colleagues, which is important.”

Did you know that...

...Aron is originally from Skåne, but love led him to Ankarsrum. 

Maintenance technician

If you would like to become a maintenance technician, you can choose to continue your studies at a vocational college, preferably following an industrial/electrical program at the high school level. Maintenance technicians are in high demand these days. 

Aron Sabuding

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