Mariette Alm

Accounting clerk

“The workdays go by quickly”

Numbers and calculations are commonplace for Mariette Alm, an accounting clerk at Ljunghäll. It’s a varied and fast-paced job.

It was a bit of a coincidence that farm girl Mariette Alm ended up in accounting. Her junior high school guidance counselor advised her to apply to a high school-level economics program. “Well, why not?” thought Mariette. After high school, she applied for a position at the MoDo paper mill in Silverdalen – and got the job. When the paper mill closed down, she got a job at Ljunghäll.

“That was in 2002, so it’s been 15 years now,” notes Mariette.

Her responsibilities consist of administrative tasks, such as managing billing statements and orders related to Ljunghäll’s customers. Presently, a new computer system is about to be introduced, and that effort is taking up a lot of her time.

The workdays go by quickly – almost too quickly sometimes, thinks Mariette – and the job is fast-paced.

“I like my job. Ljunghäll is a great place to work, and I have friendly colleagues. The best thing about the job is that it’s quite varied; you never know what''s going to happen on any given day.”

How would you describe Ljunghäll as an employer?

“It’s a company with many different work responsibilities. There’s room for those who want to work locally at the company as well as for people who want to have contact with other companies, both nationally and internationally.”

What is it that makes you a good accounting clerk?

“You’ll have to ask my boss about that, haha! I’m good at managing things, and have a bit of a feeling for numbers.” 

Accounting clerk

A high school-level economics program is an appropriate educational background for someone who is interested in working as an accounting clerk. Adult education centers also offer courses in economics, as do other independent training providers. 

Mariette Alm

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