Niklas Jaldefeldt

Maintenance manager

From operator to the maintenance manager

After over 30 years at Ljunghäll, Niklas Jaldefeldt took on a new challenge – and became the director of the entire maintenance department.

Niklas Jaldefelt started his journey through the ranks at Ljunghäll all the way back in 1984. Like many others, he started in the foundry and smeltery, and then went on to work with robots and automation. Two years ago, Niklas was hired to a position as project manager in the production development department – which led to filling in as the head of the maintenance department when the post became vacant.

A total of 43 people work within the department, including three supervisors. They are responsible for both the ongoing and preventive maintenance of robots, electricity and automation.

“Tool bits aside, we’re really responsible for all of Ljunghäll,” says Niklas.

Whats the best thing about your job?

“Being able to participate in the company and influence its operations. I’ve always felt that I was able to participate and influence things, but now that I’m a member of the production management team, I can do so to an even greater degree.

And what is the most difficult aspect of your job?

“Scheduling. You want to do and find time for so much, but we have a limited number of people, and each have their own special assignments. There are many projects going on at the same time.”

What is your educational background?

“I have a two-year technical education focused on machine tools. I only took one week off after graduation, and then I started working.”

And when youre not working – what do you do then?

“I play music – I’ve been doing that since I was a kid. I play the organ and piano, and I’m a member of two bands in Linköping.” 

An ordinary (Tues)day at work for Niklas Jaldefeldt

06:28 Clocks in at work. 
06.45 Prepares for the morning meeting with the supervisors and deputies of the maintenance department. 
07:15 Begins his daily tour of the production line to check things out and compile an overview of last night''''s and this morning''''s events in advance of the second meeting of the day. 
08:00 Meets with all the managers to go through what has happened and what needs to be done. 
09:00 Breakfast. After that come various planning meetings. 
12:15 Lunch. Goes home and eats. 
12:45 New meeting, this one focused on quality. Often we also have time for one more meeting, relating to installation, before the coffee break at 14:30. Between meetings, it''''s all about disseminating information and delegating tasks, with the help of the supervisors of the four departments. 
16:00 End of the workday.

Niklas Jaldefeldt

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