Julius Frode

Tool machining

An apprenticeship led to a job

A 2015 apprenticeship led to a permanent job as a tooling engineer at Ljunghäll for Julius Frode from Rimforsa.

Julius Frode was aiming to work with something practical when he chose to enroll in the industrial program at the Allhamraskolan technical college in Svetsa. While still a student, he got an internship at Ljunghäll – which later led to a job.

“I’m a tooling engineer, or toolmaker. In my work, I lathe turn the bodies of tools.

What’s the best thing about your job?

“My colleagues! And that there’s a lot of variation. I’m happy, and actually think that everything is great here at Ljunghäll.”

In his spare time...

...Julius participates in Nordic rallycross competitions and tinkers with cars. 

Tooling engineer

A high school-level industrial engineering program(or equivalent education through an adult education center) is a good foundation. Vocational colleges also offers courses in machine tooling. 

Julius Frode

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