James Mattson


How a hockey player became a supervisor

His experience in the military and in the hockey rink allowed James Mattson to develop his leadership skills. Now he works as a supervisor in he processing department, where he is in charge of over 40 people.

James Mattson had no plans to become a supervisor when he took a job in Ljunghäll’s abrasive blasting department. The physically demanding job on the factory floor suited him perfectly, especially because the working hours (at night) allowed him to continue his career in ice hockey.

“I lifted 16 tons per night; it was a workout without the gym membership fees,” laughs James.

After a few years in the blasting department, he got a job in processing and then became a planner/maintenance engineer. A year later, he was asked if he wanted to become the supervisor of the assembly unit. By then he felt mature enough to take on a leadership role.

“Because I’ve served in the military and had a background in sports, I was used to working in teams. And I also have some ADHD personality traits; I like to be the center of attention and are pretty outgoing and forward.

Eventually, a supervisor position in processing (a major department) became available. James now supervises 41 people.

“It’s never easy, but I’m always busy. We’re growing rapidly right now, and at the same time, we get a lot of new projects. But I’ve always liked to work hard.”

What is the best advice you can give to someone who wants to get a job at Ljunghäll – and to pursue a career at the company?

“Dare to ask! There are no stupid questions. I don’t think it’s necessary to have exactly the right educational background; you just need to be curious and want to learn. Learn from your own mistakes and those of others. Start with a simple job on the floor. It would be virtually impossible for some of our managers to keep track of how their decisions affect the factory without having worked on the floor first.”

According to James, climbing the ladder at Ljunghäll isn’t that difficult – it just takes the will to do so, and a little patience.

“You also need to be humble, because there’s a lot to learn.” 

What’s it like to work for Ljunghäll?

“The work environment here is very good. It’s also great that we get wellness benefits and free membership at both the Träningshuset gym and the Hultsfred and Gullringen swimming halls.

James Mattson

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