Majed Faleh

Measuring technician / Calibration technician

“Our work deals with thousandths of a centimeter”

When measuring and quality-controlling metal parts, thousandths of a centimeter are of the utmost importance.

Majed Faleh, a calibration engineer, ensures that all of Ljunghäll’s measuring instruments work properly.

Does a millimeter here or there really matter – and can small changes in temperature actually be so crucial? Absolutely. When parts produced at Ljunghäll must be produced and quality-checked, everything must be exactly right. Otherwise, the final product (such as a car engine) might not work properly.

Majed Faleh’s job is to calibrate and analyze all the measuring instruments used in production.

“I make sure they are approved, and that the correct measuring methods are used. I also get to help develop new measuring instruments and new measurement methods,” he elaborates.

What does a typical workday look like?

“I begin by checking my emails. Then I calibrate measurement instruments and return them to the production team. Sometimes I go to the purchasing department to ask them to get a quote on something, and occasionally I go out to our suppliers to help them out. When the factory in China opened, I was on-site and helped them to evaluate their measuring instruments.”

What is your favorite measuring instrument?

“The micrometer; I use it almost every day. And the measuring machine, which measures axes and diameters.

Majed enrolled in an industrial program in high school, and has since participated in numerous internal courses on calibration, measuring systems, and analysis.

What personal qualities are necessary to be a good calibration engineer?

“Meticulousness and flexibility. After all, our work deals with thousandths of a centimeter” 

Calibration enginer/instrumentation technician

A high school-level industrial engineering program is a good starting point for those who wish pursue a career as a calibration engineer. There are numerous independent training providers(including Hexagon, with which Ljunghäll collaborates) that offer relevant supplementary education, including courses in calibration.

Majed Faleh

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