Robert Rönn

Logistics manager

Robert quickly built a career for himself

Robert Rönn began as a production planner at Ljunghäll when he moved home to Vimmerby from Kalmar. Six years later, he is now the head of the logistics department.

He oversees every aspect f the company’s logistics: inventory management, production planning, reporting and transportation are just a few of Robert Rönn’s responsibilities. Customer deliveries must arrive exactly on time and with precisely the goods that the customer requires. Ljunghäll’s success in these areas are constantly assessed and monitored.

"It’s a very challenging job, and we’re being put to the test now that there’s so much to do. Everything has to work without a hitch, and we need to be effective," says Robert.

Robert began his career as an engineer at Ericsson in Kalmar. He began working there while taking a break in his studies to become an electrical engineer. After a few years, he switched careers and started working as an electronics buyer. Some years later, having undergone a brief logistics training program, he moved back to Vimmerby – and began working as a production planner at Ljunghäll.

Eventually, he became the coordinator for all the planners, and six years after he arrived at the company a management position became available.

"When Peter, my predecessor, decided to leave, I was asked if I wanted to become the logistics manager. It all happened rather quickly,” remarks Robert.

He thinks that Ljunghäll’s management team is good at recruiting people who want to develop professionally and take on new tasks at work.

“It is a flexible company where it’s easy to make oneself heard. Decisions are made in an efficient manner, and you’re appreciated for what you do. Although we’re a relatively large, global business, it still feels like working at a small company.”

What qualities does one need to have to succeed in your department?

“You need to have good interpersonal skills and be able to work in a structured fashion. Organization is key. The planners have many contacts within the factory, and you have to put all the puzzle pieces together in the best way so that production goes as smoothly as possible. Our forklift operators deliver packaging and other materials to the production line around the clock, as well as taking care of all the delivery trucks that have to be unloaded and loaded throughout the day. And the transport office ensures that the deliveries going in and out of the factory are logged and that the right quantities of goods reach our customers on time.”

In his spare time...

...Robert enjoys working out and going to concerts, the movies, and the theater. Most recently he went to Bråvalla to see one of his favorite bands, Linkin Park. Other favorite pastimes include playing board games with his family or going for rides on his motorcycle with his girlfriend. 

Logistics manager

To become a logistics manager, one should have a solid background in logistics. It’s important to have a few years of work experience in inventory management, production planning, and transport, as well as a relevant education background focused on logistics.

Robert Rönn

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