Lena Karlsson

Project leader

Versatile work

Keeping many balls in the air at the same time is the major challenge of Lena Karlsson’s job as a project manager at Ljunghäll.

Product developers, design engineers, number crunchers and measurement engineers all demand her attention. When Ljunghäll develops a new product, many people are involved in the endeavor – and someone has to tie all the facets of the work together in the best possible way, so that the project stays on schedule and nothing gets overlooked. This responsibility rests with the project manager, who acts as the "spider in the web.”

"We are involved from the moment that the customer sends a request until the product goes into production. Among other things,we make sure that the equipment, machinery and all the necessary documentation are developed in time, and are in regular contact with the customers, managers, project members, and suppliers. “One day is never the same as the next,” says Lena Karlsson.

She joined Ljunghäll 17 years ago, after having completed an economics program in high school. Her first job at the company was as a project assistant.

"After I’d been an assistant for 4-5 years, I was assigned my first project. Ljunghäll is great in that way. If you show that you can and wish to develop, you’re given the chance to do so.”

What is the most challenging thing about being a project manager?

"Having so many balls in the air at one time, and managing to have a lot going on all around you. You have to be able to jump from task to task and set the right priorities, because we always have several projects going at the same time. It’s also important to have good interpersonal skills and to be flexible, structured, and able to handle stress. An interest in the technical side of things is also an advantage.”

What’s the best thing about your job?

“It’s interesting, and there’s always something going on. My colleagues and the workplace community and climate at the company are also a big plus.”

Did you know that...

...in her spare time, Lena loves to challenge herself on obstacle courses and to race in muddy cross-country running competitions. She has recently competed in the Action Run and in the Tjurruset and Grisloppet races. 

Project manager

To succeed in a project management role, it’s helpful to have a broad educational background, and to be a creative, experienced, and perceptive person. There are several educational paths open to those who wish to pursue the profession. Both vocational colleges and independent education providers offer courses and training in project management.

Lena Karlsson

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