Mats Elofsson


Sustainable sorting

Janitor Mats Elofsson ensures that electrical waste, iron filings, cable scrap, blasting sand, and other waste in the plant ends up in the right place – and is carted off for recycling or incineration.

Ljunghäll produces many tons of waste materials of various kinds every day, and in the interests of both the environment and the company’s finances, everything must be handled properly. Mats Elofsson and his colleagues make sure that all the bins are emptied on time and that the various types of waste end up in the right place. Some of the refuse is sent on to Tekniska verken in Linköping, while other production byproducts are sent to Älmhult for recycling.

"I alternate my duties; one week I drive the truck, and the next week I work on the clean up. We work all over the factory and much of the job revolves around picking up and dropping off containers,” says Mats.

Cable scrap, electrical waste, old batteries, dust from the smeltery, oil spills and paint are a few examples of the types of garbage that must be dealt with.

Mats used to work in the smeltery – but had to change jobs after he developed shoulder problems.

"I asked if there were any other jobs available, and then I got this position. I really enjoy it; it’s very independent work. I’m responsible for myself, and plan my workdays as I see fit.”

Did you know that...

...Mats was part owner of a small smeltery in Södra Vi before he started working at Ljunghäll just over 25 years ago.

In his spare time, he spends a lot of time renovating his house and tinkering with mopeds and cars. He lives with his partner at the Skärstad Kvarn mill, which they also own.   


There is no need for special training to get a job as a janitor, but it is possible to attend courses and receive training at adult education centers or through independent education providers.

Mats Elofsson

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