Simon Björkman

Engineering Casting and Tooling development

A job for creative minds

Simon Björkman’s job as a technical product developer at Ljunghäll involves improving and developing new items for production.

Parts are Ljunghäll’s primary focus – and the goal is to make them as smart and easy to produce as possible. Simon Björkman and his colleagues in the product development department work with their customers’ design engineers to come up with designs that are as easy to manufacture as possible.

"We look at everything. The challenge is to come up with the best design in a short amount of time,” says Simon.

Currently, he is investigating how to customize and design a valve cover for a motor for which Ljunghäll is delivering the parts. Various computational programs, including casting and flow simulations, are used to develop ideas for intelligent solutions.

It is difficult to come up with ideas and find solutions?

"No, we usually brainstorm in groups, and the ideas tend to emerge naturally.

Simon studied engineering in Karlskrona, but is originally from Hultsfred, where he now lives.

How would you describe Ljunghäll’s workplace environment?

"It’s a very friendly atmosphere and a safe workplace, which feels important to me right now," says Simon, who reveals that he became a father four months ago.

He also thinks that the company has an open-minded atmosphere – which is especially important in a creative department such as his.

“As a product developer, you have to be able to express the ideas you have in your head and dare to say what you think.” 

Product developer

Getting a job as a product developer often requires an education background in engineering. Many universities, offer special courses in product development.

Simon Björkman

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