Bogdan Racsi

CNC operator

"Ljunghäll has helped me integrate into Swedish society"

For Bogdan Racsi from Romania, a job at Ljunghäll was a stepping stone into Swedish society.

“I’ve had the opportunity to grow both as a person and in my profession,” he says.

Bogdan Racsi and his partner moved from Romania to Sweden a few years ago, when his partner, a doctor of child and adolescent psychiatry, got a job in Västervik. Bogdan himself was halfway through his engineering education, but took a break to learn Swedish and to integrate into Swedish society.

“But it took a while to find a job because I didn’t have that much experience. Through a friend, I learned about the staffing company Monera, which helped me get my foot in the door at Ljunghäll. Then I got a probationary job as a CNC operator and started working with some smaller machines,” elaborates Bogdan.

As a CNC operator, Bogdan monitors different machines involved in the production process and makes sure that everything works. If something malfunctions, he goes into the computer program and makes adjustments.

“Each machine has a small computer or box, and uses different programs depending on its manufacturer. You have to acquaint yourself with a lot of different systems, but it’s an advantage that I’m technically inclined and have training in the field.”

After just a few weeks on the job, Bogdan Racsi was put in charge of more complicated machinery. He feels that the company gives him the opportunity to grow and develop, both as a person and in his professional role.

“Ljunghäll has helped me integrate into Swedish society” Here, I’ve learned Swedish and made friends from different countries.”

Now Bogdan is aiming to finish his engineering education; he will continue to work while studying remotely.

What is the biggest difference between working life in Romania and Sweden?

–  “In Romania, it’s all about production, and people are very replaceable. Here, the employer is concerned with making sure the employees feel good about their jobs.”

Did you know that...

...Bogdan Rasci’s hometown is called Cluj Napoci, and it is the second largest city in Romania. 

CNC operator

In high school industrial engineering programs, there is a course of study that focuses on product and machine technology. Within the company where one works, there are often opportunities to educate oneself in this field. 

Bogdan Racsi

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