Maja Will

Project assistant

Maja aims to develop professionally

When Maja Will completed her engineering studies in Linköping, she wanted to return to her home turf and gain a foothold in a major company. Her job as a project assistant at Ljunghäll proved to be a perfect fit.

Maja Will grew up just outside Frödinge, but now lives in scenic Djursdala. The location is an ideal distance from her new job, which she started shortly after having completed her degree in mechanical engineering at Linköping University.

"My goal is to develop professionally within Ljunghäll, preferably working with automation and robots. In my role as project assistant, I get to see a lot of the company, meet many different people, and try different things,” says Maja.

In other words, she has gained a perfect initial foothold in the company. Project assistants acts work to support the project managers and help them with everything from administration to assembling pallets on the production line.

"Often I have a planned schedule, but a lot of what I do just pops up in the course of the workday.”

Maja has a good impression of Ljunghäll as an employer, and feels that all her colleagues are helpful and courteous.

Was there anything that surprised you when you joined the company?

“Yes, I was surprised at how big it is and that we have operations in both China and the Czech Republic. I didn’t know that before, even though I knew that Ljunghäll is a large company.”

In her spare time...

...Maja enjoys hanging out with friends, and her dog, a husky, is also a major interest.

Project assistant

The training background of a project assistant can vary quite a lot, but a high school education tends to be a minimum requirement. In some instances, a university degree may also be required.  

Maja Will

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