Jessica Larsson

Design engineer

Designing tools for robots

Design engineer Jessica Larsson devises tools for the robots that are used n Ljunghäll’s production line. 

Jessica Larsson is a certified production engineer and has previously worked with aluminum production at a factory in Ankarsrum. While enrolled in a supplementary training program in communication and leadership, she met Ljunghäll’s CEO Hans Linnér – which inspired her to seek apply for a job at the company’s Södra Vi location.

“I started on the factory floor, but after a while I wanted to work with what I had studied. So I went to HR and said I wanted to take on other responsibilities, and they obliged,” recounts Jessica.

She was given a probationary position in the robotics department, where she has been permanently employed since November of last year.

“I felt a little rusty at first, but now I’m really thriving. It’s fun to work on a project basis, and to be involved in the whole process, from concept to implementation.

Jessica’s main task is to design grippers, fixture plates, fittings, dowel pins, handles, and other things for the robots. Without such tools, the robots can’t carry out their duties.

“What I do is related to what the robot does, and has a lot to do with control and precision,” explains Jessica.

Do you have any tips for someone who might be interested in becoming a production engineer?

“There are both specific technical college programs and university programs; ask someone for help to figure out what will be right for you. Start by studying the broader concepts, and then start specializing once you get your first job. Choose an internship that you think looks exciting!”

Production engineer

A person who wishes to study to become production engineer should ideally enroll in an industry-focused technical high school program, such as technology or electricity, or should obtain equivalent training through an adult education center. At the post-high school level, both universities and technical colleges offer many production engineering courses.

Jessica Larsson

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