Sara Hellgren

Environmental engineer

Sara has an eagle eye for emissions

Sara Hellgren had tried her hand at several different industries before she decided to become an environmental engineer. She has been the environmental manager at Ljunghäll for 17 years.

“Now I feel that I’ve found the place that’s right for me,” says Sara.

Waste, chemicals and water consumption. These are just a few of the things that Sara Hellgren deals with on a daily basis in her job as an environmental manager at Ljunghäll. Sara is responsible for ensuring that the factory complies with the established environmental guidelines. She also manages permit applications and liaises with the relevant governmental authorities.

“There are a lot of stipulations regarding our air and water emissions – about what we can emit, and how. Just today we were discussing how to manage extinguishing water in the event of a fire in the factory,” explains Sara.

An interest in nature and environmental issues led Sara to pursue a four-year environmental engineering program in Kalmar in the late 1990s. She had already had the chance to try out other study programs and had been working for a few years. After graduation, she got a job at Ljunghäll – and immediately felt that she come to the right place.

“I like the freedom of my job; I plan my work schedule myself.”

Sara also enjoys the fact that her work responsibilities vary with the seasons. In January and February, she is essentially solely occupied with drafting the environmental report that the company must submit to the authorities on an annual basis. During the rest of the year she spearheads other projects and carries out various inspections.

Environmental requirements have become more stringent over the years, and Sara''s responsibilities and duties have adjusted in kind. In other words, she has to stay on top of things to keep up with the changing times.

What’s it like to work for Ljunghäll?

– “Well, I''m happy, otherwise I wouldn’t have been here for 17 years (laughs). We have an open work environment, and there’s always been a steady, honest dialogue between the production team and company officials.”

Did you know that...

Sara Hellgren is from Hultsfred and has previously worked as a swimming instructor.

Environmental engineer

To become an environmental engineer, one must earn a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering with an environmental focus. Numerous Swedish universities offer such an education program. The job market for environmental engineers is currently very good.

Sara Hellgren

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